The Hillsborough Preschools

The Hillsborough Preschools

Who We Are
Under the auspices of the Hillsborough City School District and administered by
the Hillsborough Recreation Program, the Hillsborough Preschools offer an early
childhood learning program on each elementary school campus fostering social
development, academic foundation, creativity, and emotional and physical
well-being in an environment designed to give each child a positive self-image and a
successful introduction to a life of learning. Our E.C.E. qualified teachers, supervised
by the school principals, work closely with the elementary school staffs to provide a
unique opportunity for children to become comfortable in the elementary school
setting–and well prepared for the next step–into kindergarten.

Our Philosophy
Preschool should be a magical, joyful place where children are free to run, play, laugh, sing, dance, create, paint, imagine, discover, get dirty, and be loved and accepted for who they are. We strive for a happy balance between play and academic and social skills, never once forgetting that for each child the quality of this first school experience will last a lifetime. Our task is to create an environment that gives the children a feeling of security and happiness while encouraging curiosity, exploration and experimentation–the stepping stones to learning. We want our children to become confident, independent and eager to greet the possibilities of each new day. Children must be potty trained before attending any class.

Weekly visits to the school library cultivates an enthusiasm for reading as well as

introducing concepts of borrowing, responsibility, care for other’s property and
returning borrowed items as promised. These visits, along with other interactions with the elementary school “big kids” and teachers, ease the transition into the next level of school. Field trips to museums, performances, fire stations, grocery stores, post offices and parks are wonderful opportunities for the Pre-K child to learn about their world and how it works, in a fun and exciting way.