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This Summer, Hillsborough Recreation is excited to announce it’s first ever Virtual Summer School.  From the comforts of home or your vacation away, your child can engage in a fun, enriching, educational experience.  

Running from July 6th--July 31st, your child will take part in a virtual experience with a 12-person cohort and highly qualified educator.  By keeping the class sizes small, the learning will be able to be more tailored towards what your child needs.  If they need some catch up to avoid the “summer slide”, our educators will be there to assist, or if you are looking to get a bit ahead for the upcoming year, our educators will be there to challenge them, while also filling the time with thematic lessons that allow for the teachers and kids to get creative and have fun.

Each classroom will balance the synchronous (live) teaching and asynchronous (activities on their own) so that your kids can navigate the summer learning at their own pace.  

A typical day may look like this:

9:00-9:15 Morning Meeting

9:15--9:45 Academic Lesson

9:45--10:00 Snack/Recess Break

10:00--10:30 Art project 

10:30--11:00 Small Group Lessons

11:00--11:45 Academic Work Time

11:45--12:00 Closing Meeting

Here is a link for registration: Virtual Summer School