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North Teachers

marciaTeacher Marcia (Lead Teacher)

My name is Marcia True, but I have been better known as Teacher Marcia during my more than 40 year career with the Hillsborough Preschools. I attended West Hillsborough and W. H. Crocker Schools and later completed my Early Childhood Education certification which included an internship at Stanford’s Bing Nursery School. 

In 1975, while attending college, I was asked by then-director Bob Bierscheid to provide child-care/play-school activities for the very young children of the Hillsborough moms that were participating in a weekly fitness class. 

That one-hour weekly children’s activity proved popular with the parents and I was asked to develop and lead a more extensive preschool program which over a number of years expanded to all three district elementary schools. This development and expansion period was marked by a continuing dialog with, and input from, a series of District Superintendents, Principals and K-1 teachers to establish basic social, academic and motor-skill development goals for preschool children in order that they be well-prepared for entry into the Hillsborough schools. Today, I continually strive to adapt my curriculum to reflect and take advantage of innovation and technology–and to ensure our children are ready and eager to be full participants in their school community and the ever-evolving world in which they live. 

In 2004 I was honored to receive Hillsborough’s Community Care Award and joined the fraternity of people who have been recognized for their contributions on behalf of our children. 

Working with our children and their parents and collaborating with my district and campus colleagues, still gives me great joy and satisfaction. 

clareTeacher Claire