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The Hillsborough Recreation Middle School Sports program is designed for everyone!  Our program is designed to provide an opportunity for all of our kids to have a great experience, learn the sport they are participating in, and want to play again. 

We provide the following sports to our 6th—8th graders in Hillsborough: Flag Football, Girls and Boys Volleyball, Coed Cross Country, Coed Track, Girls and Boys Basketball, Coed Badminton, Coed Tennis, and Coed Golf.

In order to promote a lifetime appreciation for sport, we place them where we feel they will be the most successful.  So for most sports we divide the kids up by ability so that they are all placed where they are going to succeed at an appropriate level.  Our goal when dividing the kids up is to provide them the safest place to learn new skills, develop as leaders, or gain confidence at the level that is most appropriate for their skills at this point in time.  Each year, players get reevaluated and have an opportunity to move up based on their skill development and growth.  This is always an inexact science and we sometimes make mistakes, but know that our intentions are in the right frame of mind when thinking of your kid’s success in the future.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all kids regardless of skill that is why we don’t do any “cuts”.  We take everyone who registers and place them on a team.  The only sports where we have had to use “cuts” is in tennis and badminton, and these were due to space and facility limitations.

For more information on the 2019-20 Sports Season: Sports Information Packet

Course Cancellations
If a course is canceled by the instructor or the Recreation Department, a refund will be made to participants.
Course Withdrawals/Transfers/Refunds
If a participant withdraws from a class before the first class meeting, he/she will receive full refund. No refund will be given after the second class. A $10 Withdraw Fee along with the $15 Processing Fee will be applied to all withdrawals.
Course Enrollment
Register Early!  Registration is not accepted in class.  Courses not meeting their minimum enrollment will be canceled.  All enrollments after a class has started will be charged a $10 late fee.
Independent Contractors
Many recreation classes are provided by contract with an independent vendor.  While Hillsborough Recreation has reviewed the vendor’s qualifications, experience, and suitability for providing the class, Hillsborough Recreation may not have screened the individual employees of the vendors.
We do not pro-rate any Hillsborough Recreation offering without the approval from the independent contractor/vendor. 
Class fees will not be pro-rated for missed sessions or late enrollment.