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Hillsborough Recreation is excited to bring back its Fall sports programming.  After running a very successful Flag Football season and running Cross Country and Volleyball clinics, we are confident we can continue to offer a high quality sports program that is safe and competitive.

Due to the ever changing world we are living in, we have decided to run our programs this Fall as just a Hillsborough program.  We will run our Fall sports like an intramural program where Hillsborough kids will play against Hillsborough kids.  All of our practices and games will be played at Crocker for these programs.  While we would love to compete against other schools and other programs, we feel that it is in the best interest of our kids and community to keep everything internal at this time.

The volleyball and flag football program will have evaluations (like in our traditional program) so that we can create balanced teams that will play against each other throughout our season.  We plan on having a 6th grade program and a combined 7th/8th grade program for each of these sports.  We will not have “A” teams this year due to this internal style of play, but the kids had a great, competitive season last year because of the way we balanced our teams.  

For cross country, we will run our program similar to our clinics last year with running practices and a culminating Cross Country final at the end.  

We look forward to providing more details on these programs once school begins.  We are tentatively planning evaluations for the week of August 30th and will provide those details once registration is complete.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to seeing your kids on the court or field. 

Tony Giacomazzi 

Hillsborough Recreation Director