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Return to Play Procedures, Guidelines and Requirements
Youth Sports – Including Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball 


August 2020


Consistent with the July 20, 2020 announcement of the California Interscholastic Federation, this document provides guidance for all youth sports programs who plan to play on Hillsborough City School District (HCSD) facilities managed by Hillsborough Recreation (HREC), including school-based, club, and recreational programs. The goal is to support a safe environment for players, coaches, families, facility managers, workers, and volunteers. At this time, practice and conditioning only is allowed. Scrimmages and games are not authorized. 


Hillsborough Recreation requires all youth sports teams to abide by the following return to play procedures, guidelines and requirements. These will be strictly enforced by the coaching staff as it is their responsibility to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of each athlete, coach and all family members in their league. The guidelines are modeled to mirror the new safety guidelines, protocol and procedures required at the State and County level. Please note that these procedures and requirements are subject to change at any time based on updated county and state guidelines.  


Failure to adhere to these written guidelines will result in the loss of use of HCSD/HREC facilities. 


Return to Play Procedures


Screening Prior to In Person Practice: 

Each player must complete a COVID-19 Screening, executed in a designated space prior to being allowed on the field. It is up to the individual league to create a screening plan prior to practice. We recommend a roster sheet for sign-in.  You can check off the list that they attended practice and passed the health screening. Before an athlete attends practice we need them to have signed in and had the following screening:


  • Athlete’s temperature
    • Each organization must have touchless thermometer at facility
  • Health screening with questions about daily assessment
    • If any answers lead to potential symptoms being displayed , the athlete will not be allowed to participate in practice for that day and not return until symptoms have subsided.


Arrival at Facility:

  • All activities must take place outdoors, as indoor activities are not allowed.
  • Face mask/covering must be worn before exiting the car and walking from parking lot to field.
  • Maintain 6’ foot physical distance when walking from parking lot to field.
  • Check in upon arrival and complete screening at designated location. Maintain 6’ foot physical distance while waiting in the check-in line. 
  • Designate a location where equipment bags can be stored during practice that is a safe distance from other equipment bags.
  • Designate a common area of the field where coaches will meet with athletes at the start of practice to go over the plan for the day. Athletes and coaches must wear their face mask/covering when meeting with the team and maintain 6’ physical distances while in that designated common area. 


During Practice:

  • Coaches will set up and break down all equipment before and after practice. 
  • Players should not use shared equipment such as bats, helmets, goalie jerseys, catcher’s equipment, or gloves.  Baseballs and soccer balls can be shared with the team, but will be disinfected between practices.
  • Team will be divided into predetermined small groups. These groups will be maintained for the entirety of practice and will rotate from coach to coach in the physical distance setting.
  • Groups will maintain 6' physical distancing at all times. No team huddles.  Hillsborough Recreation will make efforts to provide facilities that encourage physical distancing (i.e. lines on the field, individualized spaces on the fields,etc.)
  • A sanitizing break should be taken when a group rotation occurs. Coaches will disinfect shared equipment during rotation of each group.
  • No physical contact, high five, fist bumping or horse play is allowed.
  • Face mask/covering does not need to be worn on the field during play, but can be if you prefer. Face mask/covering must be carried with the athlete at all times, whether in the athlete’s pocket or around their neck.
  • Players must use the restroom one at a time and maintain physical distancing. Face mask/covering must be worn when using the restroom.


After Practice:

  • When athletes and coaches meet in the common area, face masks/coverings must be worn.
  • Athletes must maintain physical distancing when gathering all personal equipment. Once personal equipment is packed, athletes are to meet their families in the designated pick-up spot. Athletes should maintain 6’ foot physical distance when walking to the parking lot.
  • Suggested after practice procedures:
    • Wipe down and sanitize all personal equipment and items at park or at home 
    • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds as soon as possible
    • Wash face mask/covering when needed


Other Guidelines and Consideration: 

  • All athletes are required to have their own bottle of hand sanitizer, a face mask/covering, and water if desired at every practice. Sharing of any of these items is prohibited. 
  • No sunflower seeds, chewing gum or spitting is allowed.
  • All athletes must use their own equipment. There will be no sharing of any equipment.
  • Members of the coaching staff will regularly sanitize any equipment throughout the practice to mitigate risk for our athletes, coaches and their families. 


Parents and Spectators:

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure each athlete properly understands the guidelines required. 
  • Parents or guardians must stay in the car at drop off. The parents should not accompany the athlete to the player check-in area.
  • If parents must get out of the car at drop off, they must maintain 6’ foot distance when walking from the parking lot to the field.
  • Parents cannot stay at practice unless they are a part of the coaching staff approved by the participating organization.