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The Hillsborough Recreation Sports program is designed for everyone!  Our program is designed to provide an opportunity for all of our kids to have a great experience, learn the sport they are participating in, and want to play again. Every sport that our students engage in will be presented with the goal of giving our kids the opportunity to learn the sport better, increase in skill development, participate with their peers, and compete against like-skilled teams and individuals all while having a good time.

Our core Elementary Sports program is 4th/5th Grade Basketball.  We strive to provide a great learning space for kids of all abilities and promote healthy team habits and skill development.  

In order to promote a lifetime appreciation for sport, we place the players and teams with their peers from their home school.  If there are more teams in one division from a school, we will make the two teams competitively balanced so if they were to play against one another the outcome would be fairly even.   Our goal when assigning coaches and making teams is to provide them the safest place to learn new skills, develop as leaders, or gain confidence at the level that is most appropriate for their skills at this point in time.  This is always an inexact science and we sometimes make mistakes, but know that our intentions are in the right frame of mind when thinking of your kid’s success in the future.

Our program collaboratively with the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department and the Burlingame elementary schools.  Burlingame Recreation and Hillsborough Recreation work together to create the best experience for your children and families.