Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Recreation Office?
2600 Ralston Ave., Hillsborough - located in front of the Crocker Gym

What are your hours?
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

What types of sports/enrichment classes are offered?
A wide variety from Hip Hop Dance, Ceramics to Sports

How do I register?
online at

How do I enroll in the preschools?
Please download a Preschool packet and if you have any questions please call the Recreation Office at 342.5439.

Are there refunds if we decide not to take a class?
If a participant withdraws from a class before the first class meeting, he/she will receive full refund.
No refund will be given after the second class.

Do you pro-rate classes?

Can I register if I'm not a Hillsborough resident?

Do you offer classes for adults?
Yes, please check out the "Adult Tab".

How do I reserve fields and tennis courts?
Please call the Recreation Office at 342.5439